Review: Megumi & Tsugumi Vol. 1 by Mitsuru Si

Review: Megumi & Tsugumi Vol. 1 by Mitsuru Si

February 11, 2023

New releases have been keeping us hopping recently! As we try to climb the heap and get our impressions out there we’re going to be publishing a LOT of them in short order - starting with Megumi & Tsugumi Vol. 1 due out next Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!). SuBLime very kindly allowed us to read it early and I dare say I think this one will be popular.

Synopsis: “A tough-guy omega who believes he can control his heats through sheer willpower meets his match when he faces off with an alpha unlike any he’s ever encountered before!

Tsugumi is an omega whose sole goal in life is to beat up any alpha who crosses his path. But when he faces off with Megumi, he’s finally met his match—just not in the way he thinks!

Tsugumi is a delinquent who hates all alphas for how they treat omegas like him, so when some alphas from an elite school attack another omega, Tsugumi beats ’em to a pulp! Megumi, the son of the elite school’s chairman, takes it upon himself to avenge his pummeled friends, but when the time comes, all he finds is a fired-up Tsugumi reeking of pheromones and insisting he can control his heat through sheer willpower! Faced with a different kind of battle, Megumi goes from attacker to savior, whisking Tsugumi to safety and leaving the cranky omega reconsidering everything he’s ever thought about alphas.”

What could be better than a rough-and-tumble romance set in the omegaverse? If you’re an avid reader of omegaverse titles then you’re already well versed in the common tropes - chief among them being the vulnerable, weak-bodied omega who is powerless in the face of a hot, domineering alpha. And then there’s that other trope - the hot, domineering alpha! In Megumi & Tsugumi these common themes are turned on their heads and the end result is nothing short of truly satisfying.

Tsugumi’s status as a pipe-wielding, trash-talking, alpha hater really does make this manga especially fun. Seeing the gradual shift in his attitude towards Megumi (a very unconventional alpha in his own right) feels organic and the whole story is presented with a lot of humor that I felt was definitely done right. Overall, it just felt like the elements of the story were very well balanced. The humor, character development, cuteness, and spicy scenes fit together logically without ruining the pacing of the plot.

From a content perspective Megumi & Tsugumi receives high marks from me. Mitsuru Si’s art is beautiful and the character’s faces are very expressive (something I absolutely love!). From a censorship perspective, Megumi & Tsugumi is UNcensored, though the artwork for those areas is not super detailed. I’m not sure if that’s a win or a tease - you decide!

All in all, as a huge fan of the omegaverse I found Megumi & Tsugumi to be a fun, sexy, and very funny take on the whole thing. Since it is uncensored this one gets the AFTER DARK tag!



An unconventional take on an unconventional genre. If you’re a fan of the omegaverse it’s a must read!

Gotta have it? Grab your copy HERE!

Publisher: SuBLime 

Age Rating: 18+ 

Page Count: 234 

Release Date: 2/14/2023

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