Black or White Vol. 9

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For these two typecast actors, love can't always be black or white.

Shin is an actor whose awkward personality has gotten him typecast as the villain, whereas his secret lover Shige garners all the prime princely roles. As their careers advance, can these two endure all eyes being on them not just in public but in private too?

Shige's boss--CEO Asakusa of agency Tokyo Sky Star--unexpectedly visits the set where Shige, Shin, and Tatara are filming their next movie. And when he deliberately approaches Shin, making it clear he's there just to see him, it sets Shige, Tatara, and the others on edge. Seeing their behavior change, Shin finally figures out that something is up-- and that he's been left out. But when he asks Shige about it, he's simply told "not now," leaving him with more questions than answers!

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Expected release date is November 11, 2024