Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly (2nd Edition)

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He thought they were just friends, but with each passing moment Harumi Deguchi spends with Ryo Onoda, his affections towards the man grow deeper. However, Onoda is straight and three years Deguchi's junior. Not exactly the ideal person for someone who's gay, like Deguchi, to fall in love with. Regardless, Deguchi can't help but have feelings for the younger man.

Torn by his own insecurities and indecisiveness, Deguchi struggles to express his true feelings to Onoda. After all, he loves the time they spend together, even when their time together is short. Can he really risk what they already have for something that seems so far out of reach? Even So I Will Love You Tenderly is a story that illustrates the bitter sweet ups and downs that come with falling in love.

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Yoneda Kou
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Expected release date is June 11, 2024