Gravitation: Collector's Edition Vol. 2

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The iconic Boys' Love/BL manga is back! The inspiration for the popular anime of the same name, Seven Seas presents this romantic comedy of a rockstar and his novelist boyfriend in large-trim omnibus editions featuring an all-new translation!

Rockstar wannabe Shindo Shuichi is determined to top the charts with his best friend and their rising band. But Shuichi's ego takes a hit when a handsome romance novelist, Yuki Eiri, bashes his lyrics. As Shuichi attempts to make Yuki eat his words, he unexpectedly develops a crush on the harsh critic--and the cold and prickly Yuki even seems to like him back! As they continue to gravitate toward each other, Shuichi discovers that success in the music biz may cost him his very soul.

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Maki Murakami
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Expected release date is August 26, 2024