Hate Me, but Let Me Stay Vol. 1

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A Mature-rated Boys' Love omegaverse manga series where love blossoms even in the darkest of times.

Ever since the assault that led to his unexpected pregnancy as a teen, Koga Naoto, an omega, has harbored a deep fear and distrust toward alphas. He's even convinced himself that he doesn't need a mate. After all, hasn't he raised his daughter, Shizuku, just fine on his own?

Still, at the behest of his concerned mother, Naoto reluctantly attends a matchmaking party. There he meets Tsuchiya Hazuki, a teenage alpha who declares that Naoto is his destined mate. Naoto does his best to ignore the young man's advances, but he can't deny the way he feels in Hazuki's presence. Can Naoto overcome his fear and admit that maybe, just maybe, he might not hate this one alpha?

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Expected release date is August 19, 2024