Rosmei Pre-Order FAQ/Guide

Rosmei Pre-Order FAQ/Guide

December 24, 2023

In order to obtain the best possible price for our customers we will be following a group order format for Rosmei title pre-orders. While it requires a little extra effort, it is the best way to ensure these long awaited titles remain affordable. The format/steps will be as follows:

1. When a Rosmei pre-order is available on our site it will be marked as FIRST PAYMENT - this first payment covers the cost of the book itself as well as shipping costs from Yiggybean to you. This payment guarantees your copy along with any applicable pre-order bonuses offered by Rosmei. This payment is collected prior to the printing of the book. 

2. When the book has been printed and is preparing to ship we will contact you to collect the SECOND PAYMENT - the second payment covers the cost of shipping your order from Taiwan to our offices in Washington, where we will then inspect, package, and ship them off to you! This payment should typically be due several months after your order has been placed. The higher the volume of orders we receive, the lower your portion is likely to be. Whenever possible we will put shipping options to a vote on our Twitter page if there is a significant difference in price based on the speed of shipment. 

3. Bliss out reading your new Rosmei novel!


1. Why do I have to cover shipping from Taiwan to the U.S.?

While we would love to be able to absorb that cost, it just isn't feasible while ensuring the price of the book doesn't get out of hand. We could try to hazard a guess and roll it into the cost of your purchase, but this could lead to overcharging - which hurts you, or grossly undercharging - which could really harm a small business like ours. We're working as a team on this one! 

2. What happens if I make my first payment but not the second?

We will make three attempts to contact you regarding the second payment. If we have not been able to make contact within three days of the last contact attempt your order will be canceled and refunded and your book released for sale. 

3. How will you let me know when it's time for the second payment?

We will send out an email to the address used at checkout. We will also post reminders on Twitter, Instagram, and Bluesky Social!

4. What if I want to cancel my order?

Order cancellations are possible only within the active pre-order period. After the close of pre-orders cancellations will not be possible as your book will have been included in the final count submitted to Rosmei. 

5. What if I have a question or concern not addressed here?

Never a problem! Drop us a line here and we would be happy to assist you!