The Legendary Master's Wife (Novel) Vol. 1

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After a sudden and unfortunate explosion, You Xiaomo wakes up in a body and a world that isn't his own. With his name being the only remaining thing familiar to him, he has to adapt quickly, which is as unbelievable as I say. He has taken over the body of a probationary disciple of the Tianxin Sect and has six months to prove his worth as an alchemist, or he'll be expelled.

Determined to make a good life for himself in this new world, You Xiaomo puts his entire soul into refining medicinal pills and finding ways to earn money. While doing so, he stumbles upon Ling Xiao, the number one practitioner and rumored successor of the Tianxin Sect. While this seems to be a stroke of good luck, You Xiaomo soon discovers, to his horror, that Ling Xiao is neither what he appears nor who he claims to be.


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Yin Ya
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