The Wizard (Light Novel)

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Tasked with investigating the brutal murder of a dozen people overnight, detective Yuan Feng Liang is surprised when 18 year old Jin Xi Cheng confesses and is sentenced to life in prison.

Seven years later another bizarre murder takes place, and the special ops team sent in to investigate simply vanishes. Brought back in to investigate the case, office Liang is asked to speak with someone who may be involved; Jin Xi Cheng. Making an agreement to take responsibility for him, Liang takes Cheng into his custody and learns this young man is more than he first appeared; in fact, he is a powerful wizard. But Cheng doesn't see his abilities as a blessing; to him, they are a curse of his bloodline. Can this unlikely duo find the truth behind these murders?

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Shi Wu/Uri
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Expected release date is November 11, 2024