Twilight Out of Focus 3: Overlap

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The third volume in the series, Twilight Out of Focus: Overlap picks up where the first volume left off and follows the ups and downs in Mao and Hisashi’s relationship. Will facing newfound fame and the pressures of deciding their respective future paths bring them closer together, or will it tear them apart?

Three months after going from roommates to boyfriends, things are going well for cameraman Mao Tsuchiya and new addition to the drama club Hisashi Otomo—maybe too well. As the two try to find time for each other in their busy schedules, Mao begins to wonder if he’s keeping up his end of the relationship, or if he’s boring his more experienced partner. Things get even more complicated when the second year film club’s movie goes viral; suddenly, everyone wants a piece of Hisashi. As their individual paths diverge further apart, Mao and Hisashi must decide whether the ties that bind them together can stand the test of time, or whether their cinematic romance has met the end of the road.

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