Twilight Out of Focus 4: The Evening Monologues

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Come out? Check. Get a fresh start at an all-boys, boarding high school? Check. Snag a hot, third-year boyfriend?! Check! Now all Shion Yoshino has to do is take his new boo, third-year Rei Inaba, from a piece of doo-doo and mold him into the model manga boyfriend!

First-year Shion Yoshino knows exactly what he wants: a boyfriend straight out of a shojo manga! After failing to find Mr. Right in several athletic teams, he settles on the Film Club and announces his intentions, only for retired Vice President Rei Inaba to make a stunning declaration: “There is 100% no way you’re going to find a boyfriend here.” That very same day, however, it’s Rei himself who kisses Shion and asks him out! What does it all mean? Is this really the love of Shion’s shojo dreams, or is Rei just a pretty face who won’t make room for anyone else in his life? One thins is for certain: Shion Yoshino won’t give up without a fight!

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